“Why aren’t you seeing the results you set out for from your health and fitness programme?”

Think about it, you don’t need me to tell you how many diets there are out there, or the increasing numbers of gyms and variations of fitness classes around today. Yet today there are millions of people struggling with their weight, people are genuinely struggling to stop yo-yo dieting and maintain an active and balanced lifestyle.

If you find maintaining an exercise routine and healthy diet difficult, the answer lies within yourself. We should learn to recognise what is important to us, exactly how we want to look, feel and move and take responsibility for our choices which have a direct impact on our results.

If you exercise on a regular basis (3 or more days a week), yet fail to see any results, you need to ask yourself why this is the case and be honest.

Likewise, If you have been dieting on and off for years but are still the same weight as when you started, you need to ask yourself why is this the case.

This could be for a whole host of reasons, but it’s important to be honest with yourself. Have you given it 100% effort, I prefer 80/20% rule to keep a balance, but think to yourself have you really committed to changing. Have you stuck to your exercise programme, have you maintained a healthy diet, have you given every workout your best attempt?

If you struggle with your mindset, as many people do, follow these three simple steps to help you get on track:


“What would you really like to change about yourself?”
Be really honest with yourself, this can be anything you like – physically, mentally, emotionally, lifestyle choices – Make a list and get clear on what you’d like to change for the long term.


“What are the reasons WHY you want to change?”
We need to understand the reasons why we want to change, to get to the route of the problem. How will changing affect you in 6 months’ time? Will you feel more Confident? Will you have more energy? Does it set an example to your friends or children? Will you feel more relaxed and less stressed?


Set realistic smaller goals along the way, this is a great way to stay focussed and motivation. Ask a coach for help if you need it, be proud of what you achieve.

When you take a moment to really think about what is important to you, things will fall into place.
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